Body Shop Freeport

When someone says the body shop to you, what do you think of? Gorgeous smelling products, Dewberry perfume oil worn by virtually all this girls in my year at high school or something else?

For me it’s the stance against animal testing which I learned about when visiting the body shop at Freeport in Fleetwood.



The Body Shop are leading a petition against banning animal testing in cosmetic products and the ingredients that goes into those products They were the first global beauty brand to fight against the use of animal testing in cosmetics. Over the last three decades body shop have been working with their campaign partner Cruelty Free International their efforts collectively helped to lead to a European Ban in 2013. This was a small step forward but it isn’t enough as 80% of countries still allow cosmetics and their ingredients to be tested on animals. The Body shop want this practice to be banned worldwide and wishes to take a petition with 8 million signatures to present to the UN General Assembly in 2018

The Body Shop wants us all to take a stand to finally ban cosmetic testing on animals everywhere. Join our Forever Against Animal Testing campaign by signing their petition. They want to get 8 million signatures to present the UN General Assembly in 2018. Why not add our digital news pass to your mobile wallet get the latest on our FAAT campaign? Click on the icon below from your mobile device. believed in beauty without cruelty and in campaigning for change. That’s why together with Cruelty Free International, they are the first global cosmetics company to campaign against animal testing. Today they are continuing to fight for that vision for a world without animal testing in cosmetics. They are cruelty free, 100% vegetarian and Leaping Bunny certified.


They were the first company to be certified with the Leaping Bunny logo, back in 1997. The Leaping Bunny certification is the only internationally-recognised scheme that enables consumers to easily identify and purchase cosmetic and toiletry products that have not been tested on animals. It is the only certification that requires each company to be open to an independent audit to ensure that they adhere to their animal testing policy and the Leaping Bunny strict criteria. The Leaping Bunny logo is being added onto all of our packaging in a steady process. All there products are cruelty free. If you have a product from The Body Shop and don’t see the Leaping Bunny logo, you can rest assured that it’s still cruelty free and accredited by Cruelty Free International.

If you wish to sign their petition please follow and feel free to share this link

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