The secret of Happiness – Book Review

Everyone wants to know the secrets of happiness


In Lucy Diamonds Sunday Times bestseller   ‘ The secrets of happiness’ she goes some way to describing what this is and how people can sometimes get those secrets of happiness. Written about two stepsisters Rachel and Becca who are completely different in their approach to life their career path’s their love lives.

I don’t want to give too much of the story away and spoil a great read for you but I will give you a over view of this great book.



Everyone believed that Rachel had it all the perfect home the perfect kids and a job that not only paid well but to Rachel was also a breeze in reality nobody’s life is like that we can all look and think that they’re so happy with their big house, flash car, amazing business and fantastic looks but in reality, no one truly knows what goes on behind closed doors and in someone else’s life.

It was only when Rachel left home one morning having completed the school run and didn’t return that evening which was completely out of character that her stepsister had to step in and look after the children having been led to believe that Rachel had a perfect life for quite some time it soon becomes apparent the all is not what it seems.

This book contains many different twists and turns and you really do engage and feel that you are taking the journey with the sisters as they both confront some uncomfortable truths of their own.


Seamless, engaging, believable, fun and heartfelt’   Heat

‘an absolute treat’ Katie Fforde


The Secrets of Happiness