Breastfeeding in public – A personal view

Before I give you my opinion on this I wanted to give you the background on what has inspired me to write about this.

 Today I went for coffee with a friend and her 11 week old daughter. whilst having a good catch up, Daisy started to cry deciding she was hungry and wanted food.

As I passed Daisy back, my friend very discreetly adjusted her top and Daisy attached on to her mum and started to feed.

Considering that we were having coffee we weren’t sat that far apart so I was surprised when a lady came up to our table and complained about Daisy being fed in public as her husband was staring at my friend, she went on to complain how it was so wrong of her to have her boobs out in public and how she should have taken Daisy into the toilets to feed.

 Now it is my personal opinion that breastfeeding is a very natural part of life, and not something that anyone should be made to feel embarrassed or awkward for doing. I don’t agree that cafe’s should feel the need to have signs and stickers in there windows to say that women are welcome to breastfeed in there premises as I feel this should just be standard practice and women should be encouraged to feed their child however they wish breast or bottle in public, it is a natural part of socialisation, its a natural part of life. You wouldn’t personally want to go into a toilet and eat your lunch because of all the germs that are around so why should it be ok for a baby to be fed in a restroom. Women should be encouraged to look after change and feed their babies and children without being alianated by small minded individuals.