Gel A Peel Review – jewellery making kit

Gel-A-Peel is a crafting kit that is aimed at children over eight it allows the children to create accessories out of gel.

The idea is to draw a design using a special gel pen and stencil before peeling it off to reveal your final creation.

When using the Gel-A-Peel, you need to place a template on a flat surface, choose your pen, and begin working from top to bottom. The tube needs to be squeezed with somewhat steady pressure in order to create even lines. There are different tips which allow you to create a variety of shapes. After you have drawn your desired shape, the gel must dry before being gently removed and worn. it is best to leave the gel to dry overnight before peeling of the flat surface.

There is Quite some dexterity required to create the even lines, which some children may struggle with. 

Although the final product feels a bit like a rubber band, the company points out not to “stretch your finished projects or they might break.” if this happens you can re-apply more gel and allow it to dry. Laying them flat while not in use will help them retain their shape.

Because of the dexterity skills involved with this and the complexity of the instructions I would recommend a adult supervises at all times.

Disclosure:  I have not received any payment for this review,although I was gifted the product by for me to be able to review this product. all views are my own