Beados- reveiw

A friend who knows me well and knows how i like to try out any new craft items bought this for me

I wasn’t sure how it was going to work plastic beads that did not feel sticky sticking together with water.

you have a a disc plate which you use to place the beads into in order to make your design you do this using the plastic tweezers

there are a number of templates in the box that you can use to make your design or you can design you own


Using the water spray gun spray your design with water.

These designs can take a long time to dry- think over night.  Beados recommends not spraying more than five or six times to prevent excessively long drying times, but even this many sprays took a long time to dry (and sometimes not all the beads stuck together and needed respraying.)  Beados does recommend flipping the bead creations and spraying the other side and then letting that dry as well to create very durable creations. i found it was best to do this after a couple of hours.





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