Mr Dusty – Dustbin wagon

There is no need to stress about the mess that the children make with Mr Dusty about.

Playtime can become tidy time. Just shout on Mr Dusty to clear up Mr Dusty to “Sweep it up and dump it out!”

This toy is suitable for both hard ad carpeted surfaces and will pick up most small toys in his mouth up to 2″ tall

Mr Dusty comes with 50 phrases, lights sounds and interactive buttons.

Aimed at children 3 years and over.Mr Dusty makes tidying up enjoyable and not a chore. simply roll Mr Dusty over

the toys to be collected and his motorised mouth will gather them up into his trunk. Then he will deposit them

where they belong.

requires 4 AA included.

This item was gifted to me and will be passed on to children in my area who won’t receive Christmas presents this year via a local appeal