Unobtainable Christmas presents children ask for 

When my brother was three he was asked as most children are what he wanted for Christmas

His answer. A COW.

Now we didn’t live on a farm, we lived in a three bed semi with a small back garden so a real cow was well off limits. Someone asked him if he wanted a cow and a farmyard set NO just the cow.  Everyone hunted for something that was a cow that would make this little boys Christmas eventually a week before Christmas my Mum received a phone call from a neighbour who was shopping in Liverpool and had spotted a cow cushion did she want Mum to get it.  YES.  This cushion was a rectangle with a tail, legs, udders, ears, eyes and a mouth. Christmas morning my brother was made up that cow went everywhere for months before living on his bed for another six years. Every now and again this story resurfaces and it got me thinking.

What other unobtainable things do children ask for at Christmas?

I started asking round my friends and some of the answers surprised me

  • A real storm trooper
  • My noisy brother to be adopted
  • A sea monster
  • Years supply of ketchup

But my friends daughter asked to meet her grandparents who she had never met before. Unlike my mum with the cow cushion this wasn’t possible as they had been killed in a car accident 7weeks before she was born
Christmas is a time when we all try to give the children a good time , new toys and clothes but really we shouldn’t forget that Christmas is a time for family.
Eva Lily.  X