Money saving Tips

When it comes to budgeting sometimes its not about making money its about saving the money you have.

The tricky part can be knowing where to start and what is going to make a long term difference to the finances.

Here are some tips to help you save the pennies.



  • check you are getting the best deal for your energy bills some households can save £100’s per year just by switching tariff or provider.
  • Use Price comparison websites for any insurance related matter however not all companies are on them and it may be worth checking out Aviva, Direct Line and Zurich as they often are not on price comparison sites.
  • Invest in energy saving light bulbs they might be more expensive than traditional bulbs but you should still benefit long term. some claim to give you more than double the hours of a traditional light bulb without the double the price tag
  • your bank might imply its doing you a favour by you having world wide travel insurance with your account or other perks however there is often a fee for attached to your account if you don’t use them downgrade your account and save that money.
  • stick within your broadband data limit or change to unlimited data otherwise you could face penalty charges ha soon add up.
  • Check with your energy provider if you are eligible for free or discounted loft or wall insulation helping to save money on heating bills.
  • check with The consumer council for water to see if switching to a water metre would be cheaper for you 
  • phone your council and see if you can obtain a free water butt for the spring / summer to save on watering costs

  • Time your direct debits around regular payment dates to ensure they can always be covered avoiding penalties for not missed payments.
  • Aged 55 or over If you are thinking of getting a will check out Free will month runs throughout March
  • Contact relevant subscription services and ask them to do a deal. Threatening to leave really does the trick but be careful not to push them so far that they call your bluff.
  • Ensure that you keep your budget up to date and pay everything that needs to be paid. Sign Up to offers and plan spending in advance.
  • if you have no holidays planned cancel your annual travel insurance -once you book a holiday ensure you start it up again.
  • If possible it may be worth looking into over paying your mortgage if possible. The added amount will mean your loan to value (LTV) percentage will be more favourable the ext time you remortgage. –   however some mortgages have penalties for over paying so ensure you check with your mortgage provider first.

  • Always look at remortgaging when the discount deal runs out on your mortgage as you can often get a better deal than what your mortgage will revert to post deal – Speak to a Independent financial adviser for advice.
  • Avoid store cards if you cant pay back quickly then the interest could be extortionate this will illuminate any discount that you receive on signing up.
  • Check to see if your local council does MOT tests they wont be able to do any repair work but wont have a vested intrest in finding faults.
  • If you qualify use your bus pass –  Its your free ticket to travel all over the UK.
  • Don’t carry unnecessary weight in your vehicle this will help to reduce fuel costs.
  • Where possible car share on journeys not only can you share the cost it will also help the environment.
  • Where possible walk or cycle – nipping to the corner shop or collecting the children from school helps to save fuel and burns a few calories in the process.

  •       22.Team up with friends and buy tickets in bulk to events benefiting from group discounts
  • Don’t spend your life savings on a tub of popcorn at the cinema pop into the supermarket on the way.
  • Sign up for your local cinemas newsletter – you normally receive discount vouchers and information about up and coming events and new releases.
  • Visit Museums and benefit from free education
  • Live out of your cupboards for a week instead of buying new food every week.
  • Never go shopping when you are hungry – you will buy more treats and snacks when you are hungry.

  • Make use of over ripe fruit – by turning them into cakes and deserts – browning bananas can be mashed and turned into banana Loaf.
  • If you often find your self throwing away fresh vegetables buy frozen you can use as little or as much as needed without wastage.
  • Restaurants that serve alcohol are legally required to provide tap water – Ask for a jug of tap water and save a fortune on bottled water
  • Make lunch to take with you to work – This could easily save you up to £5.00 per day.
  • Label school uniform – to try and prevent it getting lost and needing replacing.
  • Save a small manageable amount each week to spread the cost of Birthdays and Christmas.
  • Make and freeze baby-food don’t waste money on jar food or pouches make a batch freeze and use as required.
  • Borrow books from your local library  you and your little ones get a wide variety of books without the cost.