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It’s that time of year again when I start to think about holiday’s and reflect back on previous years. Last year I had a amazing opportunity. Thanks to a good friends misfortune. The family were all set to fly out on Saturday morning when on the Tuesday my friend discovered her fella of 18 years had been cheating on her.   I received a heartbroken phone call giving me the news and half joking she said to me well he’s not coming you can if you want to. Once I realised that she was actually serious I got some money together, bought clothes,packed sorted my visa and travel insurance in a matter of days everything you would normally do as you prepare over a few months. Meanwhile my friend was frantically trying to change tickets for flights.

We flew out of Manchester to Orlando Florida. Already having some of the activities and places we wanted to visit in mind. We had organised to hire a car from the airport which was waiting for us on arrival.  We set off and after making our selves comfortable in our villa. planned out what we were going to do in the coming days we decided that for us a visit to Discovery Cove was a must.

 The chance to swim with Dolphins was amazing and I would personally recommend  the experience to anyone.  Whilst their we also had the chance to swim with sting ray in a large open water area.   We also did a swim around a island. Which had marmoset monkeys on it with climbing frames and all sorts of things for them as entertainment.  but who loved to sit at the side of the water and splash water at you as swam past as we did this we had duck join us who decided to swim along with us which added to the experience and something I never thought i would do was swim with ducks.


we also visited

   Aquatica is a amazing water park where you can go on a numerous rides as many times as you like. The ride pictured here has to be their most popular and its easy to see why.  Two side-by-side enclosed tube slides. Which send you racing through an underwater world that is home to a playful pod of beautiful black-and-white Commerson’s dolphins. Known for their speed and being playful, you may well see them racing right alongside you as you zoom by.


on a visit to the Seminole Hard rock Cafe in Tampa.


In 1980, while excavating to build a parking unit in downtown Tampa, Indian remains were discovered. They were exhumed and relocated to 8.3 acres of land east of Tampa. Which was granted reservation status to the Seminole Tribe a year later. Taking advantage of the  reservation status, The tribe opened a museum, a smoke shop and a high-stakes bingo hall. In 2000, the Seminoles announced plans to rebuild the casino as a Hard Rock Casino. Opened in 2003  Since then laws have changed in Florida. These now allow new games at the casino, including Vegas-style slot machines and blackjack. Major expansions of the casino, hotels and spa have occurred on numerous occasions since its opening and it is at present the fourth biggest casino in the world.


As I’m sure you can tell and those of you that follow me will know that I am a animal lover.  So I was having mixed feelings about visiting sea world having heard varying reports. As it was something everyone else in the group wanted to do I agreed.

I was pleasantly surprised we went to the five acre rescue and rehabilitation centre where they are looking after a number of  wildlife that has been ill, injured or orphaned – including manatees, sea turtles, birds and other marine animals.  A number that were there were there because of humans and the effect we are having on the wildlife. A number of turtles and Manatees had unfortunatley been hit by boats. Whilst there aim is to always release back into the wild. Seeing a turtle with a hole in its shell you knew that wasn’t going to be possible.  Sea World invites all its visitors to take a look at the working manatee rescue and rehabilitation facility. Their aim is to educate the public about the plight of these vulnerable animals in the wild.




Of course you cant go to Florida and not go to Disney and Disney in Florida is amazing!!  We visited two of the parks Epcot in my opinion aimed more at the teenagers and adults visiting Disney.  Where you can travel around the world in a day visiting the likes of Frozen in Norway, Lady and the Tramp in Italy and Beauty and the Beast In France and of Course Winnie the pooh in England.  As well as many other countries on the way. The display in the evening is spectacular with a full musical laser firework show. A visit to Epcot would not be complete without the famous fennel cake and old fashioned ice cream.


Magic Kingdom on the other hand is more for families and will bring out the big kid in you. Before you actually enter the park you have a choice of travel to the main park. This can be  by monorail or steamboat. Once in the park theirs plenty of themed rides to go on after walking down main street with Cinderella’s castle in front of you. There is absolutely loads to do and a day in each park with the fantastic parades and fireworks really didn’t really feel long enough.


It was such a magical trip that I plan on doing it all over again with my husband and we have our own agent at who is working with us to make the ideal tailor made holiday for us


If you could book your ideal vacation for 2018 with  where would you go? Let me know below..


look Forward to reading your suggestions


Eva   x



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