Benefits of a thunder shirt – Dogs 

With autumn quickly approaching and dark nights setting in the sound of fireworks is never far away in an evening. When I took Rose my highly sensitive Labrador to the vets I mentioned how she had been scared of the recent thunder and lightning and how she seemed very unsettled of an evening with the fireworks going off at random moments. The vet – Louise recommended that I purchased a thunder jacket for Rose at first, I was very Sceptical.  I had seen these demonstrated on polystyrene dogs in shops and did not see how it was going to calm Rose down and stop her having panic attacks, heart palpitations and general anxiety. I spoke to quite a number of people and asked them their opinions on the thunder jacket these included people from rescue centres, pet shops, people who I knew had anxious dogs and people who had rescued dogs that had anxiety issues. It was after speaking to all these people that I decided that with the money back guarantee that the thunder jacket offers I didn’t have anything to lose I could Literally take it home let Rose use it with the predicted bad weather coming up and then when it was covered in dog hair take it back and get my money back.


It turns out I was wrong and I shouldn’t have been so sceptical about the thunder jacket.

Since Rose has had the jacket we have noticed a distinct difference in her behaviour when fireworks have been going off we no longer have to turn the telly up we simply put her thunder jacket on and she calmly lies down on the floor and plays with her toys as she would normally. Last night I had gone to bed it was raining reasonably hard but nothing to make me feel the rose would need her jacket however about 12:20 there was a clap of thunder I was actually still awake but I heard Rose bounding up the stairs and she immediately came to my side of the bed and nuzzled me as anyone with dogs will know this means that they want something. I got out of bed walked across the landing and headed downstairs I knew myself the she needed the jacket as I had heard the thunder however as we reached bottom of the stairs I said to Rose as I always would” show me what you want” she immediately went into the kitchen and put her head on the jacket that was resting on the radiator for me there was no better recommendation then a dog who knew her anxiety would rise with a storm brewing asking for the one thing that she knew herself would make her feel better and more secure about the jacket on and return to bed encouraging Rose to come up to sleep at the side of me (on the floor) at 4:10 we hadn’t had any more thunder for a good half hour and I reached over the side of the bed and gently removed rose’s jacket. She had remained calm the whole night which is something before this purchase that would never have happened I was very wrong to be so sceptical and rule out a product from working based on looks. This really is one of the best things that we have ever purchased for Rose and the fact that she will go to it and show me that’s what she wants when she is anxious really does prove how she feels about this as a user as well as me as her owner if anyone has an anxious dog I would really recommend them trying one of these thunder shirt.

How do you fit a Thunder shirt?

The thunder shirt wraps around the dog and can be adjusted with Velcro the diagram below shows how to fit the jacket in easy steps.

TIP: From experience it is a lot easier to do this when the dog is calm before they get stressed and when they are in a standing position.